Welcome to Puma Aviation

"A little bit about us"

Puma Aviation has been supplying Aviation support for over 13 years and has covered many types of aviation support work including VIP flights, film & television, corporate, pleasure flying,  support for the military and emergency services  through to full heliports for sporting events such as, 2012 Olympics, London marathon, Royal Ascot, Silverstone grandprix and many many more. All our staff are highly trained and certified for their tasks, our night time operations are attended and handled by trained Pilots holding night ratings to ensure the safest site lighting deployment and support.



Over the many years of service we have built up trust and friendship with many of the air operators in the country, we put this down to our dedication and flexibility with an understanding of their requirements and that of their clients.  Discretion and a secure service is given to every flight we handle and all receive the highest service possible.  


“Our specialty is remote operations”

Whether it’s a remote film shoot, VIP flight or refuelling services for a medi vac helicopter, Puma Aviation can set up full or multiple helicopter support bases for both day and night operations almost anywhere, utilising our mobile equipment and units.


Always Safety First!

Upon our arrival to a site we will undertake a full site survey for suitability in daylight hours, if we determine that the chosen site is not suitable we will inform the operator immediately and with their approval search for an alternate landing site. Once we have secured a site we will then pass on a full site survey, coordinates and a follow up call to brief the pilot's. (its all just part of the service)



Puma Aviation is fully insured for airside operations, this is any area with aircraft movements, (airfield or remote site), we also hold specialised Petrochemical and environmental spillage insurance to cover all refuelling and transportation operations, giving the reassurance of a 24/7 national emergency environmental cleanup team who will react to contain and neutralise any contamination in the event of an incident.

The environmental insurance we hold have been an advantage on many occasion in securing helicopter operations on sensitive and protected land such as that managed by the National trust.


Copies of our Insurance certifictes are available upon request before the commencement of any work undertaken.


If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us